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A near-death experience, they say, changes you forever. I went through the 38 minutes of the Hawaii missile scare on January 13, 2018. The experience of feeling that you are about to be hit by a nuclear missile makes it absolutely clear what is most precious.  We all called those dearest to say, “I love you.”  The alert was false but the threat is real and more terrifying than anything that comes across your newsfeed.  This is why I am sharing my story in Dawn of a new Armageddon. And this is why I am starting NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth


I am launching this project on August 6, 2018, Hiroshima Day, shaken and awakened by my experience during those 38 minutes, inspired by Reagan and Gorbachev, by JFK’s 1963 Strategy of Peace speech, and by William Perry, tireless on his crystal clear mission to awaken us to the nuclear threat, by Joanna Macy, by Setsuko Thurlow, and by so many others honored here on this website.


May this project play its part in inspiring us to reach out, as those 38 minutes did, to recognition of what is most precious, to move through fear to love, to shift from sleepwalking to awakened action.  

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Cynthia Lazaroff


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