At a time like this, with the escalating nuclear danger, the lack of media focus on the greatest existential threat our planet has ever faced, and the overwhelming lack of public awareness, where can we look for inspiration?


Here we feature voices that have inspired us, voices of those who have come before, and voices today who have no elected position or vested financial interests to defend: experts and former officials, indigenous elders and activists, spiritual leaders and artists, musicians and poets, millennials and children.  


All these voices have one thing in common – they have been awakened to the nuclear danger and call for a change in our nuclear policy, in our own attitudes and actions.  May we hear their voices.  

John F. Kennedy

Strategy of Peace Speech

American University

June 10, 1963

Address to the Nation

Upcoming US-USSR Summit in Geneva

November 14, 1985

Mikhail Gorbachev

Former Soviet Leader

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Time Man of the Year

Time Man of the Decade

Setsuko Thurlow

Setsuko Thurlow

Hibakusha - Hiroshima Survivor

Accepted Nobel Peace Prize for ICAN

Beatrice Fihn

Executive Director for ICAN

Accepted Nobel Peace Prize for ICAN

Dr. Bernard Lown - (Part 1)

Founder, International Physicians for the

Prevention of Nuclear War and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Daniel Ellsberg

Activist, Former Nuclear War Planner

Released The Pentagon Papers

Women for America for the World

Thoughtful Reflections by Joanna Macy

& other Women Leaders

on the Nuclear Issue

Academy Award-Winning Film

How We See Each Other

Ronald Reagan

Address to the Nation

Upcoming US-USSR Geneva Summit

November 14, 1985

William J. Perry

Former US Defense Secretary

Founder, William J. Perry Project

Yasmeen Silva 


Beyond the Bomb

Clare Conboy



Dr. Bernard Lown - (Part 2)

Founder, International Physicians for the

Prevention of Nuclear War and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Eric Schlosser

Global Advocate for Reducing Nuclear Threats

Journalist & Producer, Command & Control

In the Nuclear Shadow

Young People Talk about their Fears of Nuclear

War; Studies by Dr. John Mack

Psychiatrist & Child Trauma Specialist

Academy Award-Nominated Film

How We See The Risk of Nuclear War

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