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Lubov Shtyleva, Ph.D

Assistant professor

Author of books and textbooks on gender in education.

In 1989 founder first women's club in Murmansk.

In 1992 - founder and president  of Congress of Women of Kola Penisola (up to 5 000 women), active participant of independent women's movement in Russia  (until  early 2000th).

In 1997 opened first in the region crisis center Shelter, more than 5000 women got there computer skills, knowledge in psychology and women/feminist studies.

Since 1998 - developing gender approach in education, published articles and made research on gender and teenage work. Worked as assistant professor in Murmansk and Moscow, participated in International and national conferences on gender studies and women's movement. Contributor and board member of Wyi /Myi magazine.

Mother of two daughters.


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