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Jessica Sleight

Jessica Sleight

After joining Global Zero as a program intern in 2013, Jessica Sleight currently serves as Program Director. In this capacity, she provides research and analysis on issues relating to nuclear nonproliferation, risk reduction and disarmament; coordinates track-1.5 and track-2 diplomatic efforts, including commission-level meetings and government consultations; and liaises with Global Zero leaders and experts in connection with policy initiatives. Prior to joining Global Zero, Jessica worked as a research intern with Ploughshares Fund,  a research associate for the Japan Policy Research Institute, and a graduate fellow at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability. She has a master’s degree in Asia-Pacific studies from the University of San Francisco.

Email mentor Jessica Sleight for mentoring and collaboration opportunities ​with Global Zero

For post-session collaboration with Beyond the Bomb please email: Cecili Thompson Williams


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