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Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry is the Digital Communications Director for the William J. Perry Project and creator and host of AT THE BRINK podcast. A graduate of George Washington University, Lisa Perry was motivated to enter into the nuclear field after her grandfather, former Secretary of Defense William Perry, wrote a book declaring nuclear weapons a greater threat to human existence today than ever before. Inspired by her grandfather's many intimate accounts of dealing directly with the nuclear threat, Lisa conceived of the idea for a podcast that explored the personal impact of the often difficult-to-grasp issues surrounding these weapons. AT THE BRINK was launched in July 2020, and focuses on revealing the untold human element that plays into nuclear issues, while outlining the major concepts the public needs to understand to enact lasting change. The first season of AT THE BRINK features a wide range of voices, including members of Congress, Physicists, former Missileers, A-bomb survivors, and a former President.

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