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Born in China, then adopted and raised in America, Molly left high school in rural Missouri as a pre- med and graduated from Rice University as a chemistry major. Ultimately, however, she decided “nah” to both and instead is pursuing a social justice career with a focus on nuclear weapons issues. The greatest influence on her decision to pursue activism is the idea that to be politically involved is in itself a privilege.
During her senior year in college, Molly learned about nuclear bombs through a Beyond the Bomb’s Future First Fellowship. Like many others, her prior knowledge of nuclear weapons was surface level—with only basic information about the atomic bombs being dropped on Japan in World War II, but little other information. Since joining Beyond the Bomb, Molly has learned how to be a more proactive activist, including writing letters to the editors, birddogging Julian Castro during his presidential run, and writing blogposts or articles highlighting the negative, intersectional impacts of the American nuclear arsenal. She continues to work with Beyond the Bomb now as a Fellowship Associate to train the newest season’s most promising young fellows and activists.

Now, Molly is proud to have the opportunity to use her privilege productively through her fellowship with The Prospect Hill Foundation by helping others replace the cycles of poverty and violence with a cycle of love. After her time with The Prospect Hill Foundation, Molly is looking forward to visiting Japan on a Wagoner Fellowship to study the impacts of nuclear weapons further.

Dogs over cats, waffles over pancakes, forests over beaches, and BTS over nukes. 


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