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Cynthia developed an interactive seminar “Making the Nuclear Threat Real: A Simulation of the 38 Minutes of the 2018 Hawaiian False Ballistic Missile Alert and Actions to Take Today,” given at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and at the Higher School of Economics (October 2018).

CL All Russia Forum Oct2018.jpg

"The experience of the nuclear alert simulation will definitely make every one of us question ourselves, what we value most, our thoughts, our beliefs, our dreams...We will now value every inch of land, every living being, every part of our breathing world more than we did. And I will question myself too.  Every change starts with a question - a tiny sparkle, that can turn into a fire."

--Nikita Skorostinskii, MGIMO student

"They shared their vast experience with all participants. We were able to share our feelings and ideas of possible actions in the case of a nuclear emergency like the false missile alert in Hawaii: it was a real chance to reconsider your attitude to values in your own life.”

-- Darya Ivanova, MGIMO student


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