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Svetlana Svistunova.

Born in Moscow (USSR) in 1959.



In 1982 was graduated from Moscow State University with MA degree (faculty of journalism).



1982-1991 –correspondent of Moscow newspapers “Moscovsky Komsomolets”, “Medicine Newspaper”, “Moskovskaya Pravda”

1991-1992 – freelance journalist, translator and producer for American TV Companies in Moscow

1994-2001- reporter and then senior correspondent for the TV news program at TV-center Channel (Moscow, Russia).

In 2001-2008 - radio host of the All Russian State Radio "Mayak".

From 2008 - freelance journalist, independent filmmaker, trainer for journalists.


Creative Organizations

Co-founder and board member of the Russian Association of Women Journalists  (1993)

Member of The Russian Union of Journalists (from 1994-nowdays)

Member of The International Federation of Journalists ( from 2004 – nowdays)


International Projects

Russian Coordinator of the Swedish- Russian TV project “Gender and Media” (2007-2008)

Editor and author of the safety guide book for journalists in Russia “Dangerous Profession” (2011) ( IFJ project)

Participator of the media project “Gender and Labor Rights” of the International Labor Organization and Ministry of Labor of Russia (2003)


Prizes and Awards

Prize of The Russian Union of Journalists for the best gender radio program “The Better Half”  (2003)

Special Award of the ILO and Ministry of Labor of Russia for input in covering gender issues in Russian Media (2003)

The prize of Swedish Embassy in Moscow for the project “Gender and Media” (2008)

Special Prize for the documentary “At the Crossroad” (2011) at the film Festival “Stalker” in Moscow

First Award for the best documentary “The Word and the Bullet” at the film festival   “ Profession-Journalist” (2013) in Moscow.


Main Films                      

"The Empowerment" (1998) - about women's independent movement in Russia. 

"The Hunters for Stones" (2004) - about young geologists in Russia.

"The Tongue and the Bell (2007) - about NGO's in Russia

"Together" (2008) - about NGO's in Russia

" At the Crossroad" (2011) - about juvenal justice in Russia

"The Word and the Bullet" (2003)  

"Russia: Journalists under attack" (2013)                                

"The Big Trip to the Caucasus. Journalist's Safety Guide" (2014) 

Activity as a trainer for TV journalists

2000- 2019 hold following courses:

Work of TV journalist on the screen

The art of TV interview

TV Reporting on the field

Safety course for TV reporters

The art of TV host of TV show

TV images and hate speech

Trafficking and migration problems on TV Gender and TV journalism These trainings were held in different Russian cities and in the former USSR counties as well (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan,  Kirgizia, Uzbekistan).      


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