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Molly Hurley

Molly Hurley

Molly Hurley is a Nuclear Fellow with the Prospect Hill Foundation and a Fellowship Associate with Beyond the Bomb.  She is also a recipient of the Wagoner Fellowship which supports her research on the societal effects of nuclear weapons, movement building among youth for nonproliferation, and how art can be utilized in delivering messages for peace and denuclearization. She will travel next year to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to further study the impacts of nuclear war. Molly got involved in nuclear weapons issues through her fellowship with Beyond the Bomb where she volunteers to help build the network of young activists and foster their skills in promoting peace and justice. A tenet of Molly's work is recognizing and respecting the intersectionality of issues and people. Her goals in activism are to create opportunities for those who would otherwise be marginalised or excluded from some of the most important conversations we face today. For more about Molly please click here.

Email Mentor Molly Hurley for mentoring and collaboration opportunities.


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